Anastasia @ 7(months)!

I may have been working full time on a night shift, but that does not hinder me from seeing how Anastasia grows. I have witnessed her developments and her little milestones that make us even more proud of her. I must admit, I like it more now that she’s basically trying to go on her own. She is now able to hold her bottle and drink her milk. Play with the stuffed toys she has, she even often initiates playtime. You would know that she’s in the mood to play when she doesn’t stop screaming and would laugh after. She would even welcome us from work with a very huge smile and you would even see how ecstatic she is to us come home. Oh how I love Anastasia! Sometimes, the exhaustion I get from work, the stress I deal with everyday, and a whole lot more are already making sense. What I really mean by that is I now have a purpose, an inspiration and a very strong drive to continue and work harder. Sometimes, you would just really be surprise to the things that you could do just for the ones you really love! Like how I am with Anastasia, and with our family. Below are her pictures during her seventh month! Ooh and not to mention, she’s turning 8 months in a few days. Yey for my little munchkin!





6 months and counting with Baby A.

Imagine that! She’s turning seven months a week from now. I am just so happy to see her grow into someone I want her to be. She’s such a happy kid. She would often laugh and play by herself. She doesn’t cry for nothing. She’ll just cry whenever she is hungry or tired and wants to sleep. She is starting to talk right now, she knows how to interact and play with us. She would often shout at the top of her lungs when she wants to talk  with us. Anastasia has always been my stress reliever, the only drive that keeps me going to whatever I have to face. I don’t have much to say for her developments, I’ll just post the photos below and you’ll see ow grown up she is.

Life with Anastasia.

And so after being on hiatus, I finally have enough time to continue blogging. I just got back to working, not to mention, on a very graveyard shift. LOL! Oh and with longer hours! I must admit that it was really exhausting. But as soon I got the hang of it, and also a big thanks to Yomi who helped me cope up with the changes. A lot of adjustments were done just for us to work. Insert all words synonymous with “TIRED” here. Those are the things we often feel, but because Yomi and I got no choice, we continue to strive harder for our little angel.

But after all the stress, that’s where our Anastasia comes in.She takes away all our discomforts in life. Amazing how she is able to do that by just simply smiling. Speaking of my cutie Anastasia…

Anastasia’s second and third month!

Time flies so fast and she is almost on her fourth month. Anastasia is growing even more beautiful everyday. She is starting to have her own habits. She is now able to sleep by herself and oftentimes we need not to carry her every now and then. She started to turn on the first week of her third month. She was struggling at first, and we cannot help but try to push her a little for her to be successful. But then, little by little she is now able to turn without any help nor assistance. She is able to lift her head and would often smile. She now likes to talk, her coocoo’s, all day all night. She is now taking 4oz of milk and sometimes would ask for more! She sleeps the longest during nightime and would be awake all day. In just two months, she’s able to achieve a lot of things! I couldn’t be more proud of my little Tasia.

Below our her photos during her second and third month:


First month with Baby A.

I have been thinking of words for me to describe my first month with Anastasia. Everything is surreal when it comes to my little munchkin. Now I get how rewarding it is to be a mother. Times like these, I often remember everything my mom told me before. That there are things I would not understand until I became a mother. True enough, now I am able to fully understand what she meant.

Tiring for I really do not have a consistent sleep schedule. Anastasia would sometimes be awake all throughout the day and will sleep during night time, and sometimes it’s the other way around. Then I have to be awake every after 2 hours for she is always hungry and will wake up no matter how sleepy she is just to drink her milk. Then every after 4 hours I have to change her diaper because her skin is so sensitive. She isn’t a cry baby at all but she likes to sleep in my arms and wants her body on top of me. I think she is at ease whenever our skin touches.

Exciting for every development of Anastasia. She’s starting to gain weight and her cheeks are fluffier than ever. When she is in the mood, she will smile and will respond to us by nodding her head and then smiling. She also likes to listen to nursery rhymes, one day I tried playing nursery rhymes and then she fell asleep listening to it. And then I tried it the other day and same thing happened. It relaxes her.

And a whole lot more of emotions. She had her first check up and her pediatrician said she is doing very well, though I stopped breastfeeding three weeks after I gave birth. I just don’t have enough supply of milk for her, too sad. But she is doing great with Enfamil together with her vitamins prescribe by her pediatrician which is Tiki-tiki.

She is now starting to have a very distinctive look. I guess she has my eyes and my nose. And the rest, she got it from her father. Her round eyes, fluffy cheeks, shape of her face, almost everything.

There are a lot of things Anastasia have taught me which obviously she’s not aware of. I learned to be very patient at all times. It’s never easy to take care of a baby, specially newborns. You would have to adjust to their schedule, may it be feeding time, sleeping time or play time. I also learned to take a bath real quick for I only have a very limited time to do things at home while she is sleeping. I also don’t get to eat on time anymore because I have to wait for her to be asleep. Sometimes, when I can’t take the hunger anymore, I bring her with me while eating. Very tiring! My mom once told me that being a mother comes with no instruction. It will just come out and you will be surprised you are doing it. And that, I have to really agree with her.

My world now revolves around Anastasia. Apparently, it is really not easy but still I am able to manage it little by little. Good thing I have my support system with me. My parents whom I can just beep online for my endless queries, my mother-in-law (and the wholw gang of Yomi) who is always there to assist us in taking care of Baby A, my other relatives who would often call me just to check on Anastasia and wil then give some advices and most specially Yomi who’s really a loving father to Baby A. It’s really an amazing feeling since Baby A cme to our lives.

Below are some of her pictures taken of Anastasia’s journey to first month:

‘Til my next blog! Take care everyone!
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Preggy diaries; lessons learned.

I am currently 37 weeks with my little munchkin and I am feeling that the big day is just around the corner! Too much feels as all moms say when you have reached this point.

Well for me, I am really EXCITED because finally I am going to see that tiny creature that’s been inside me, moving and kicking and not to mention ALWAYS HUNGRY (mommies out there, you sure know how it feels. haha). SCARED of the things that might happen during the delivery, the “beyond-words-can-say-pain” that I might experience, and of course the things unknown yet since I am a first time mom.

Good thing I have a lot of “mommy friends”  whom I can ask anytime. Upon them knowing that I am going to be a mom soon, they shared a lot of things they have learned with their experiences. Like the do’s and don’t’s when your preggy, even the things you have to buy or the must have’s. Aside from my friends, of course my family is always there. Specially my mom who is very excited (but doesn’t want to be called “lola”) by her first granddaughter with me. I think it’s also a good thing that since I am the eldest in our family, I have witnessed before how my mom prepared for her big day with my other siblings. And most of all, I have Yomi with me who is very optimistic and understanding. He never gets tired of hearing all of my endless worries, and even everyday rants. And would always cheer me up and share positive vibes with me. (when you are preggy, you’ll really have crazy hormones)

So for this post, I’d like to share some of the things I personally learned during my journey with our little munchkin.

1. NEVER miss any pre-natal check up with your OB.
I am very much guilty with this. because I have skipped some months of my pre-natal check up with my OB. Good thing my little munchkin is strong and healthy. But as I was nearing my due date, I made it a point to make time for my check up so I will be more than ready and prepared for the big day.

Supposedly, a preggy mom should see her OB every month. So that the mommy and the daddy as well will be able to know everything their baby needs. All the vaccines a mom should have, food that the mommy should eat and what to avoid as well. Also to know if there’s something wrong with the baby, which of course we all don’t want to happen. But don’t worry OB’s are there to help us take care of our baby.

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