6 months and counting with Baby A.

Imagine that! She’s turning seven months a week from now. I am just so happy to see her grow into someone I want her to be. She’s such a happy kid. She would often laugh and play by herself. She doesn’t cry for nothing. She’ll just cry whenever she is hungry or tired and wants to sleep. She is starting to talk right now, she knows how to interact and play with us. She would often shout at the top of her lungs when she wants to talk  with us. Anastasia has always been my stress reliever, the only drive that keeps me going to whatever I have to face. I don’t have much to say for her developments, I’ll just post the photos below and you’ll see ow grown up she is.


Life with Anastasia.

And so after being on hiatus, I finally have enough time to continue blogging. I just got back to working, not to mention, on a very graveyard shift. LOL! Oh and with longer hours! I must admit that it was really exhausting. But as soon I got the hang of it, and also a big thanks to Yomi who helped me cope up with the changes. A lot of adjustments were done just for us to work. Insert all words synonymous with “TIRED” here. Those are the things we often feel, but because Yomi and I got no choice, we continue to strive harder for our little angel.

But after all the stress, that’s where our Anastasia comes in.She takes away all our discomforts in life. Amazing how she is able to do that by just simply smiling. Speaking of my cutie Anastasia…

Anastasia’s second and third month!

Time flies so fast and she is almost on her fourth month. Anastasia is growing even more beautiful everyday. She is starting to have her own habits. She is now able to sleep by herself and oftentimes we need not to carry her every now and then. She started to turn on the first week of her third month. She was struggling at first, and we cannot help but try to push her a little for her to be successful. But then, little by little she is now able to turn without any help nor assistance. She is able to lift her head and would often smile. She now likes to talk, her coocoo’s, all day all night. She is now taking 4oz of milk and sometimes would ask for more! She sleeps the longest during nightime and would be awake all day. In just two months, she’s able to achieve a lot of things! I couldn’t be more proud of my little Tasia.

Below our her photos during her second and third month:


Embracing changes.

I have been thinking of things to blog, I have so much ideas, my thoughts are overflowing but I am not able to organize them. So please excuse me for being on hiatus, which I think will happen a bit often because my leave is almost over, as much as I wanted to stay at home and take care of my Anastasia, I also really have to return to work.

So these past few days, I have been reminiscing a lot and suddenly faced with this question…


First thing that came into my mind were my “what if’s?” and then I find myself answering those too.

Here are my “what if’s?”

  1. What if I did follow my curfew?
  2. What if I did study harder and aimed to finish college with flying colors?
  3. What if I did not work while studying?
  4. What if I did not have much social life back in college?
  5. What if I chose to listen and obey everything my parents told me?

And so I also find myself answering these:

  1. If I did follow my curfew then I would be at home early, would have more time with my siblings, would not procrastinate with deadlines I have to meet and would have enough rest. BUT still, I cannot deny the fact that I did enjoy those times I went home late just to spend more time with my friends, doing extra-curricular activities and simply wandering alone.
  2. If I did study harder, then I would have higher average and I can also finish college with flying colors just like my block mates. BUT I cannot be so hard with myself. Considering that I help my sister study (take note, this is on a daily basis), I also worked while studying during my senior year, and still able to maintain my grades and did not fail any subject, I guess with what I have achieved, I am very much fulfilled and proud!
  3. If I did not work while studying then just like following my curfew, I would be able to have more time to do things and would be able to focus a lot. BUT I must admit that working while studying was never an easy thing to do. I dealt with serious time management, felt tired every now and then that sometimes 12 hours of sleep was still not enough and I cannot focus on things. Having experienced all of these, I still have no regret of making the decision to work. I learned to be independent because I cannot expect everyone to always be there to help with things. I learned to value time, and realized how precious every single second of my life. And I learned how to prioritize important matters.
  4. If I did not have social life I had back  then I wouldn’t enjoy college as much as I did. I will not be able to step out of my comfort zone. And most of all, I wouldn’t meet people whom I have never thought would be there with me through thick and thin.
  5. If I chose to follow everything my parents told me, then they will be more than glad that I have a good life the way they wanted it. BUT even though I may have not obeyed them often and would stick with whatever decision I have, I know for a fact that I can still make them proud and happy for me. I may be far from my them but they never fail to make me feel loved and have always supported me with whatever I do.


And I am very grateful that the path I chose led me to Yomi. He’s one of the reasons why I love my life so much. I am lucky to meet his very loving family. And above all the things that he gave me, I am very blessed to have Anastasia. Now I can clearly see my purpose in life.

For the very first time in my 20 years of existence, I was not able to spend the holiday season with my family. It is heartbreaking, I must say. But Yomi and his family did not make me feel like I’m an outcast with them and it made me feel better.

I am never a fan of drastic changes in life. Because  I find it so difficult to cope up. But this experience taught me to embrace the changes and learned that acceptance will always be the key to happiness!

 So cheers to a year full of dreams to make, goals to achieve and happiness that will forever be with us.


This is Yomi’s very loving and happy family. 🙂
This is my family in Cavite. 🙂 My grandparents with my cousins.
This is my family in the UK. That’s my mom, dad, Kelly and Mikel (my siblings). 🙂
And of course my own little family. My life, Yomi and Anastasia. 🙂




As much as I would like to share my whole journey during my pregnancy, too bad I got so little time for now. Know why? I will tell you all soon! So, shall we start with my “Second Trimester?

Second trimester or mommy and babies’ 4-6 months is a bit challenging. Well for me, one good thing about my second trimester is that I no longer have my morning sickness, I still have my weird cravings but this time it was more specific, and my baby bump appeared during my 6th month. Like what I have shared on my previous post, I have a very complicated pregnancy. I was in and out of the hospital during my second trimester. Reasons were:

  1. Spotting around my 6th month. Good thing baby is fine, it may just be because of the stress I am getting from work that Yomi and I decided that I should take a leave from work until I give birth.
  2. Pre-term labor around 4th month and 6th month. I am experiencing “menstrual-like” cramps and it was really painful. Since then, I started reading every single thing about pregnancy. But I suggest that you don’t read too much for you might overthink things and you may start to feel paranoid about it. STRESS AIN’T GOOD FOR MOMMY AND BABY, OKAY?
  3. Yeast infection all throughout my pregnancy. I have read that having a yeast infection is really common specially when you are pregnant. There are a lot of reasons on why you might have an infection, mine was because of too much sugar intake. Having this kind of infection is really disturbing for first time preggo’s for it can really cause discomfort. And not too mention, medications are a bit pricey. Ugh!
  4. Lastly and the most common for all preggo’s out there, UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. This is something that you have to treat before you give birth. I have read that the baby can have it also once you give birth. Of course you can’t take the thought of your little angel having it. I was given antibiotics to treat it.

Not really a good second trimester for me but all are worth it every time I feel my little munchkin move inside me. I also gained so much weight during these times for I really eat heavy meals. I always feel famished even after meals and I would easily cry, or be furious on things (ugh, blame my hormones).

Third trimester or the last three months of my journey as a preggy! And so my baby bump is getting bigger and heavier, I started to have stretch marks all over my body (arms, legs and my tummy), back pains were surreal and even finding the right position to sleep was a struggle! It was really difficult for me to get up from bed and even taking a bath was a challenge for I cannot stand too long and even just watching a movie was difficult for I cannot sit for too long as well. It was these times when I wished to give birth already for I can no longer endure the pain. Good thing, I have a very understanding and loving partner who would always cheer me up during my down times and would always give me a massage on my back and feet. I started to fix as well the requirements that we needed for me to take advantage of my benefits from SSS and Philhealth. (will share the things that you need to have and do on my next blog post). And I suggest as well that you prepare the things you’ll be needing and all the baby stuff so that when the big day arrives, you will not be rattled and everything will go smoothly. And there!

Comment or message me if you have anything to add or ask about pregnancy!

And for my next blog post… Let me share my experience about giving birth to Anastasia! Yey!

More posts about baby A soon!!!




I may be a first time mom, but I am really sure that the big day is about to happen days from now, if not then make it a week. I really don’t know what word will best decribe my journey with baby A inside my tummy. It was thrilling, tiring, full of surprises and a whole lot more. BEING A MOM IS SURREAL!

So before the big day comes, I would like to go back to the beginning of this journey. I will share my month to month experience with baby A.


(1st month)
My pregnancy was not really expected or thoroughly planned. So Yomi and I were really clueless that I was already conceiving baby A around February. Though there are slight signs then and since I do have irregular periods, it was really confusing that time. I was delayed on the month of February and already took pregnancy test. Result was NEGATIVE. It was really a relief for me. A lot of things have crossed my mind for I was not ready then. Besides, I still have a few months left ’til I finish my degree.

(2nd month)
It was this month (March) when I really felt a lot of signs of pregnancy. I am starting to gain weight, felt really tired the whole day even if I had hours of rest, felt like vomiting every time I eat, series of headaches and severe mood swings. And most of all, I still do not have my period. So I asked Yomi if we can have another test, unfortunately the second time I took the test, result was invalid. No lines at all on the pregnancy test so we decided to have another test a week after. And that was when I saw two lines on the test. I was dumbfounded that very moment. Thoughts such as how will my family react, can I really handle this, are we (Yomi and I) really ready for a little munchkin, will I be able to finish my degree on time, and a whole more. But as I told Yomi that the result was positive, a saw a huge smile on his face. A genuine smile. I know he really wanted to have his child long before we met and it was really a good news for him. That is where I got the strength to continue with this journey. I know he’s got my back with this. So to be very sure with the result, we went to a maternity clinic and got a confirmation of my pregnancy. And to our surprise, I was 8 weeks or 2 months then!

(3rd month)
And so as every preggy mom says “Struggle is real.” MOrning sickness was my nemesis during this period. I really had a hard time dealing with waking up feeling very nauseous. I lost my appetite. I had severe headaches that really made me cry. I have been reading blogs about pregnancy and it seems like I am having a not so smooth one. I am still not able to confide to my father, or to anyone else, even with my closest friends. I was really afraid of how will they react, specially with my parents. I was working on a nightshift post during this period and there was not a day I did not visit the clinic to rest for I can no longer endure the stress. Until Yomi and I decided to have my pre-natal check up and asked if she can advise me to leave from work until I surpass the first trimester. It is also the month of my graduation and I was really exhausted from work and school during these times. My tummy was starting to have a bump and I am really having a hard time trying to cover it so no one would see. There are times that I wished my father would just ask me about it so I don’t have to do such things but I really don’t have the courage that time. There are also medicines that I have to take but I also need to be cautious so my father will not see these medicines and ask about it. And as part of their graduation gift for me, they decided to take a trip to “Kamay ni Hesus”. I could not say no for they might have a hint of my pregnancy, so even if it was really exhausting, I still joined the trip. But I was a bit distant and was really timid all throughout the trip. I was thinking a lot of things and unconsciously talking to my little munchkin to hold on and we’ll surely get through this soon.

I really cannot imagine how will I be able to surpass all of these. But you will see as I we continue with my journey on my next blog post. One thing I really learned during these times was to never lose hope and always keep the faith. And always look on the positive side of everything.

‘Til my next blog! 🙂


Preggy diaries; lessons learned.

I am currently 37 weeks with my little munchkin and I am feeling that the big day is just around the corner! Too much feels as all moms say when you have reached this point.

Well for me, I am really EXCITED because finally I am going to see that tiny creature that’s been inside me, moving and kicking and not to mention ALWAYS HUNGRY (mommies out there, you sure know how it feels. haha). SCARED of the things that might happen during the delivery, the “beyond-words-can-say-pain” that I might experience, and of course the things unknown yet since I am a first time mom.

Good thing I have a lot of “mommy friends”  whom I can ask anytime. Upon them knowing that I am going to be a mom soon, they shared a lot of things they have learned with their experiences. Like the do’s and don’t’s when your preggy, even the things you have to buy or the must have’s. Aside from my friends, of course my family is always there. Specially my mom who is very excited (but doesn’t want to be called “lola”) by her first granddaughter with me. I think it’s also a good thing that since I am the eldest in our family, I have witnessed before how my mom prepared for her big day with my other siblings. And most of all, I have Yomi with me who is very optimistic and understanding. He never gets tired of hearing all of my endless worries, and even everyday rants. And would always cheer me up and share positive vibes with me. (when you are preggy, you’ll really have crazy hormones)

So for this post, I’d like to share some of the things I personally learned during my journey with our little munchkin.

1. NEVER miss any pre-natal check up with your OB.
I am very much guilty with this. because I have skipped some months of my pre-natal check up with my OB. Good thing my little munchkin is strong and healthy. But as I was nearing my due date, I made it a point to make time for my check up so I will be more than ready and prepared for the big day.

Supposedly, a preggy mom should see her OB every month. So that the mommy and the daddy as well will be able to know everything their baby needs. All the vaccines a mom should have, food that the mommy should eat and what to avoid as well. Also to know if there’s something wrong with the baby, which of course we all don’t want to happen. But don’t worry OB’s are there to help us take care of our baby.

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Maaaring makakita kayo ng pangalan na “Yomibear”, “Yomi” , “Mahal” o “Zaldy” sa mga posts ko kaya ipapakilala ko na siya!

TL (team leader) ko siya nun sa pangalawang company na pinasukan ko. Napakahirap ng account (telco, alam na this!) , yung tipong takot na takot ako sa bawat tawag na matatanggap ko kasi nahihirapan talaga ako masolusyunan problema nila. Sabi ng ibang kilala ko na matagal na doon, napakaswerte ko raw at kay “TL Yomi” ako napunta. Isa raw siya sa pinakamababait na supervisor sa account na yun. Sa unang tingin, mukhang isnabero, suplado at walang tiyaga sa mga tao sa paligid niya. Pero nung nakausap ko na siya nag iba naman lahat. Mabait naman pala. Hanggang sa nairaraos ko ang bawat araw kahit hirap na hirap na ako dahil sa tulong niya.

Sabi ko nga nun “Kung hindi lang siguro siya ang TL ko, baka umalis na ako dito.” Linya ko palagi kapag kinakamusta ako. Hanggang sa tumagal, nakilala ko siya ng husto. Hindi naging maganda ang simula ng lahat sa amin. Malabo talaga pero unti unting naging maayos kasi nagtiwala kami sa isa’t isa. Nagtulungan kami. Araw-araw, gabi-gabi, kain dito, kape doon. Kwento dito, tawa doon. Sobrang saya ng bawat minuto na kasama ko siya. Hanggang sa nagtagal at nakilala ko siya ng lubusan. At ngayon na magkasama na kami sa iisang bahay, lalo ko pa siyang nakikilala at lalo kong minamahal.

Siya kasi yung tipo na kahit ipakita ko yung totoong ako, wala siyang pakialam. Malaki ang agwat ng edad namin pero hindi ko naramdaman yun sa pagsasama namin. Na kahit minsan ang lame ng jokes ko, natatawa pa rin siya. Na kahit minsan, wala ako sa sarili ko o lutang, ayos lang, kaya niya mag-adjust makasabay lang sa akin. Siya pa lang yung natatanging kinakaya lahat ng mood swings ko. At nako naman, napakahaba ng pasensya niya. Minsan kahit anu-ano ng nasasabi ko, tatahimik lang siya, hahayaan akong maglabas ng sama ng loob, at mamaya lang kundi ako yayakapin, may dala ng paborito kong pagkain. Na kahit ano kaya kong sabihin at ikwento sa kanya na walang iniisip na baka i-judge niya ako ng dahil lang doon. Sobrang prinsesa ako sa kanya. Kaya naman din siguro nagustuhan siya ng pamilya ko. Nakikita ko nga minsan ang tatay ko sa kanya. Pareho silang mabait, matiyaga at maintindihin.

Naalala ko minsang nag-away kami ng mama ko, sabi niya sa akin “Sa ugali mong yan, sana makahanap ka ng katulad ng papa mo na napakamaintindihin.”

Ma, nahanap ko na po, dumating na po. Hehe. 🙂
Kaya naman minsan, yung mga simpleng bagay na pwede kong gawin para sa kanya ay ginagawa ko kahit ayoko talaga. Katulad ng pagluluto, gusto ko taga-kain lang ako. Pero pinilit kong matuto para may maihanda ako sa kanya bago man lang siya pumasok. Kahit magkasugat ako kakahiwa, walang problema, mailuto ko lang mga gusto niyang ulam. Kahit ilang beses ako mapaso, walang kaso basta may kanin siya. Ang pagtimpla ng kape sa kanya, kahit ba 3in1 yun, hinalo ko ng may kasamang buong pagmamahal ko yun. Odiba? Ang tupiin ang mga damit niya, salubungin siya sa pinto sa pagdating niya. May yakap agad siya mula sa akin, alam ko kasi na-stress yun sa trabaho. Pero hindi ko na nagagawang salubungin siya sa pagdating niya, anong oras na kasi ako nagigising nitong mga nakaraang araw. Ganunpaman, walang kaso yun. Siya naman nakikita ko pag gising na pag gising ko eh.

Sa wakas may naidagdag na akong magagandamg kwento sa blog na ‘to.

Isusunod ko na rin mga adventures namin. (Nung nagpunta kaming Baguio)
Ewan ko ba at kung anong swerte o nagawa ko para magkaroon ng blessing na katulad niya. At isa pa darating na yung blessing naman na para sa aming dalawa, si Anastasia. Sigurado akong magiging mabuting daddy siya.


Sabi nga sa kanta ni Yeng Constantino…

“Ikaw ang pagibig na binigay sa akin ng Maykapal, biyaya ka sa buhay ko…”