I keep coming back to you!

Finally! I found the right moment, and the right words for me to start blogging again. I’d like to start by saying sorry for numerous times of being inactive, I am not happy about it, but I made sure to have used those times effectively and learn my lessons from it. I cannot wait anymore for me to share every single thing life has taught me lately. I do not want to promise anything as of the moment but I would really love for myself to commit into blogging as I felt the need to be an avenue of change and most importantly the things I have learned which I know can be of big help for first time of being a mother like me, even for young parents, and even for the millennial too!

I would like to start fresh with my blogging page, and I plan to have a system which will make this page more organized. Just to give you guys a little update (which I will be sharing more on my next post) I am now a stay-at-home-mom and also working full time at home. Imagine the things I need to juggle just so I could do everything in a day. But hey, I ain’t complaining! This is somewhat a good stress for me. I feel so elated being productive and at the same time I consider these things an achievement or more like goals unlocked!

So much for my come-back post, here are some of the changes you will be seeing on my page mving forward:

* I plan to change the tags I am currently using, also for me to categorize easily the blogs I will be posting soon

* We will be having blogs about:
– Motherhood / Parenting
– Millennials’ hot topic
– Book reviews
– And how to… (Where I plan to discuss anything under the sun, so I’ll be more than glad to answer any of your questions, or blog about suggested topics you have!)
– Lastly, I will be blogging about what I learned or my takeaways for each and every coming weeks which will be posted every Sunday.
So there! It may not be much but I believe it is a good start for me to be back with my game and to finally extract those creative juices left in me!

On my next blog, I will be telling you the real reason as to why I was on a brief hiatus from blogging. Please do know I am beyond grateful for having the chance again to blog, trust in me when I say I will not have this opportunity put into waste.
I hope to see you on my next blog! Take care! 🙂