Anastasia’s First Birthday

So this explains why I have not been so active for the past few months. I was really busy planning and organizing my little one’s first birthday! It was not as easy as I thought. Considering how keen I am with every details, and how I always want to beat deadlines. And in this post, I will be sharing some of the few things I have learned along my supposed to be DIY party for Anastasia.

Trust me, if you are a first time mom, and really doesn’t have any experience with planning and organizing events or even simple parties, this is going to make you crazy! But of course, with the right people around you, and your “NEVER GIVE UP” mindset, you can achieve the party that you have always wanted for your little munchkin.


  • Venue

= Where can your guests from North and South of your location can meet halfway?

= If you are planning to have your little one’s Christening and first birthday on just the same day, then you would have to consider the location of the church too. As much as possible, the church and your venue for your LO’s birthday should be near with one another. So you can have everyone from the Christening be able to attend the party too!

This is the Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish & Shrine of the Incarnation church where Anastasia was baptized. It is located along Mindanao Avenue.
And her party place! This is located along Congressional Avenue, just a few blocks from the church.
  • Time

= Of course, you have to know the availability of your guests. In my case, my little munchkin’s first birthday happened to be on a weekday (Thursday). I have to consider my guests availability, so I decided to have the event on weekend.

I also suggest that you can create an event on Facebook on your prospect date and time, and you can see there people who can and cannot come on that day. So you can gauge if you need to change the day or what have you.

  • Food

= I originally planned of having a DIY party where it can be a buffet style for the food, but due to some circumstances, I was not able to do my original plan. So what I did is to look for a restaurant that offers buffet style for parties. With the help of my loving friends and also with my research, I was able to have my party in Shakey’s that offers buffet style for the food. So I do not have to stress myself so much in thinking different packages of food for adults and kids.

  • Souvenirs

= Now, since I had Anastasia’s Christening on the same day as her birthday, I had to have souvenirs for her godparents. I do not want the usual souvenirs that are usually given, like the little angels or small feeding bottles with her picture on it. Though I have nothing against those souvenirs but I just really wanted to give something that can be of everyday use. And so I ended up with mason jars filled with popcorns! Very classy. And since for the party package I had with Shakey’s, the loot bags they have for the kids are only limited, I also decided to add more, specially for the boys because the loot bags Shakey’s can provide is depending on the theme you’ll be getting, which on my case was Barbie (not my theme though, but I have to choose). Those things I have added for the souvenirs and loot bags were all just from Divisoria! Believe me, you can buy quality souvenirs there and a lot of things to add for the loot bags without you spending so much!

  • Miscellaneous

= I also had a large tarpaulin for Anastasia, filled with her photos as she grows up. I just chose Β a layout from Google, and good thing, I have my best friend Alyssa who helped me with the design of the tarpaulin.


= Anastasia’s dress were all ordered from Amazon by my parents. We had two dresses for her, one for her Christening and another for her birthday party. If you feel like doing the same about ordering online, I suggest you giveΒ an allowance with your LO’s size so at least, it is easier to repair if needed. Or you can just shop around with your munchkin so you can be very certain with how the dress would fit. I also suggest you have it done a month before your munchkin’s first birthday because I do not know why but babies grow so fast these days! One day they’re size 8, next thing you know, they’re size 10 already!

  • Cake

= For the cake, what I did first is come up with my sample design. It is where the price of the cake will be based. Next was I shopped around Facebook, and Instagram for people who can do customized cakes. Be prepared for your sample design and additional requests so they can gauge the cost of the cake. Oh and please, be very sure before you make some reservations. It’s a bit off if you’ll be cancelling orders or if you really have to cancel the order, have it done at least a week before the event.

Few more reminders, mommies!

If you are wondering how much did we spend for our Anastasia’s party, it was roughly around Php 60,000-70,000. Not bad for 170 pax!

I also suggest you have your reservation on the venues you would like to have, a month before the party. So you can secure your slot. Usually for some restaurants or venues, they will just be asking a down payment just to reserve the slot for you!

And always have a Plan B, C and D! At least you have something as a back up if all else fails.

You can shoot me a message for more details of Anastasia’s birthday. Or if you have questions about anything, feel free to send a message!