365 days with Yomi.

Yomi and I just celebrated our first year anniversary last December 25. Yes, same day as Christmas! So we really have a lot to celebrate on that day. But because we have now our little munchkin Anastasia, we were not able to celebrate our  anniversary the way we wanted it. I was thinking the whole day on how we can at least make the day special without doing something grand or going out, then I just ended up reminiscing our moments together and realized how lucky and blessed I am to have him.

My mom once said that I need to find a man who’s like my father. Someone who’s very selfless, patient and who will truly love me for who I am. And I think I already have that someone. And I guess, my parents can already see that too.

If I were to describe Yomi in two words, it’s TRUE LOVE.

I have brought life to our little angel at an early age. Considering all the responsibilities I now have, there are also times where I miss doing things I used to do before. And things I planned to do after I finish college. I also needed to be away from my family for a while for me to take care of our Anastasia.

So I was overwhelmed with how things were going. I was really scared going out of my comfort zone. I feel like I am going to be a failure specially with my responsibilities as a mother. Everyday felt like a serious challenge for me, it’s like I am in a battlefield. It was very difficult for me to cope up with drastic changes and adjustment. Most of the time, I felt depressed and just wanted to run away from everything. It’s tiring when you have to face the same kind of stress everyday. And patience was never my strong suit. I also have terrible mood swings. Like for a moment, I can be very giddy and cheerful and can switch to solitude in just a second. I also get irritated easily, worry too much and overthink very often. That is how I’ve been lately.

But with Yomi’s true love for me, little by little, I am starting to see things from a different perspective. Yomi’s my total opposite. He’s very passive, positive in everything, selfless, and talk about his very long patience and understanding! Whenever we have our misunderstandings, he usually says sorry right away just not to prolong the argument. One time, I asked him why would he always apologize even if he knows it’s not his fault. He said that ‘he would rather lose a fight with me and let down his pride than to lose me at all.’ 

I was very speechless with his answer and made me realize things. He’s never a fan of heated argument so he deal things with a very relaxed and calm or I must say in a very mature way. And it really solves things, compared with how I handle things.

Oftentimes, I wanted to give up everything and push people away from me because I think that they will never understand what I am going through. But Yomi never got tired of showing his love for me. He never failed to remind that he is always there for me. He would always say that he wants me happy and that he’ll do everything for me. In times I wanted to run away from everything, he would just then hold me close and would tell me that I am never alone with this battle. That I need to be strong for him and Anastasia. And despite my mind blowing mood swings, he still chose to stay and love me.

I must have done something very good at some point in my life to have and deserve him. The things written here may be too good to be true, but know that I am used to writing sad and happy thoughts back then with my former blog, so every single detail I’ve put here were all true.

We wouldn’t reach this far if not for his patience and understanding and most of all his true love.

I really am right in choosing Yomi because with him I become the best possible version of myself.



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