November 10, 2015- A birth story

Who would’ve thought that a normal day will turn into one of my most memorable days?
November 9, 2015
We are scheduled for my monthly pre natal check up when my OB messaged me and asked how am I doing. I told her I have been feeling terrible back pains and I can’t barely walk because of the pain I am feeling between my thighs. Then she called me and told me that I have to eat ang full meal before I go to the hospital and no need for me to go to her clinic. I was instructed to go directly to the emergency room and have myself admitted.
Oh. My. Gosh. I was caught off guard that I was not able to respond right away! After that phone call from my OB, I told Yomi about it and called my family. They were all excited for me and were cheering for my safe delivery!

I cannot understand how am I feeling that very moment. A lot of thoughts came into my mind. But I’ve been waiting for so long, and I can no longer wait to see and hold my little munchkin.

After an hour or two, I was already admitted and was sent to the delivery room. And they started to induce me. I looked at the clock and it was 7:30pm when I started feeling mild contractions. It was tolerable at first and I thought I could handle it because I have been having continuous menstrual cramps before. Then I fell asleep. Until I woke up and I am gradually feeling the labor pain already. Now the pain is no longer bearable and I was literally crying and begging the nurses to give me the anesthesia. When I can no longer endure the pain, all I did was cry and shout that I do not want to continue it any longer. (Seriously! Hahaha) I can no longer remember the exact things that happened. After I had the epidural, I fell asleep and next thing I know, I am in the recovery room.

November 10, 2015
My vision’s still blurry and I was trying to recognize people around me. The nurse in charge told me to not move yet and I need to stay relaxed. I asked her why am I feeling something heavy on my tummy, then the nurse told me that I had to deliver my baby through an emergency CS-section for my cervix isn’t responding anymore. It only dilated up to 7cm and my baby’s starting to poop already, so they decided to have an emergency CS-section.

After being able to move my legs, the nurse in charge told me that I can already be transferred to my room. And they finally showed to me my little munchkin. I then exclaimed “I’m a mother already! She’s beautiful!”

I can’t take my eyes off of my Anastasia. I am in awe of her beauty. It is really true that you’ll be able to forget all the pain once you are able to see and hold your baby. I am definitely the happiest during that moment!

More stories to come!


Baby A’s first picture while in the nursery room.


She already smiled on her first day with us! Such an angel!!! 🙂



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