As much as I would like to share my whole journey during my pregnancy, too bad I got so little time for now. Know why? I will tell you all soon! So, shall we start with my “Second Trimester?

Second trimester or mommy and babies’ 4-6 months is a bit challenging. Well for me, one good thing about my second trimester is that I no longer have my morning sickness, I still have my weird cravings but this time it was more specific, and my baby bump appeared during my 6th month. Like what I have shared on my previous post, I have a very complicated pregnancy. I was in and out of the hospital during my second trimester. Reasons were:

  1. Spotting around my 6th month. Good thing baby is fine, it may just be because of the stress I am getting from work that Yomi and I decided that I should take a leave from work until I give birth.
  2. Pre-term labor around 4th month and 6th month. I am experiencing “menstrual-like” cramps and it was really painful. Since then, I started reading every single thing about pregnancy. But I suggest that you don’t read too much for you might overthink things and you may start to feel paranoid about it. STRESS AIN’T GOOD FOR MOMMY AND BABY, OKAY?
  3. Yeast infection all throughout my pregnancy. I have read that having a yeast infection is really common specially when you are pregnant. There are a lot of reasons on why you might have an infection, mine was because of too much sugar intake. Having this kind of infection is really disturbing for first time preggo’s for it can really cause discomfort. And not too mention, medications are a bit pricey. Ugh!
  4. Lastly and the most common for all preggo’s out there, UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. This is something that you have to treat before you give birth. I have read that the baby can have it also once you give birth. Of course you can’t take the thought of your little angel having it. I was given antibiotics to treat it.

Not really a good second trimester for me but all are worth it every time I feel my little munchkin move inside me. I also gained so much weight during these times for I really eat heavy meals. I always feel famished even after meals and I would easily cry, or be furious on things (ugh, blame my hormones).

Third trimester or the last three months of my journey as a preggy! And so my baby bump is getting bigger and heavier, I started to have stretch marks all over my body (arms, legs and my tummy), back pains were surreal and even finding the right position to sleep was a struggle! It was really difficult for me to get up from bed and even taking a bath was a challenge for I cannot stand too long and even just watching a movie was difficult for I cannot sit for too long as well. It was these times when I wished to give birth already for I can no longer endure the pain. Good thing, I have a very understanding and loving partner who would always cheer me up during my down times and would always give me a massage on my back and feet. I started to fix as well the requirements that we needed for me to take advantage of my benefits from SSS and Philhealth. (will share the things that you need to have and do on my next blog post). And I suggest as well that you prepare the things you’ll be needing and all the baby stuff so that when the big day arrives, you will not be rattled and everything will go smoothly. And there!

Comment or message me if you have anything to add or ask about pregnancy!

And for my next blog post… Let me share my experience about giving birth to Anastasia! Yey!

More posts about baby A soon!!!





I may be a first time mom, but I am really sure that the big day is about to happen days from now, if not then make it a week. I really don’t know what word will best decribe my journey with baby A inside my tummy. It was thrilling, tiring, full of surprises and a whole lot more. BEING A MOM IS SURREAL!

So before the big day comes, I would like to go back to the beginning of this journey. I will share my month to month experience with baby A.


(1st month)
My pregnancy was not really expected or thoroughly planned. So Yomi and I were really clueless that I was already conceiving baby A around February. Though there are slight signs then and since I do have irregular periods, it was really confusing that time. I was delayed on the month of February and already took pregnancy test. Result was NEGATIVE. It was really a relief for me. A lot of things have crossed my mind for I was not ready then. Besides, I still have a few months left ’til I finish my degree.

(2nd month)
It was this month (March) when I really felt a lot of signs of pregnancy. I am starting to gain weight, felt really tired the whole day even if I had hours of rest, felt like vomiting every time I eat, series of headaches and severe mood swings. And most of all, I still do not have my period. So I asked Yomi if we can have another test, unfortunately the second time I took the test, result was invalid. No lines at all on the pregnancy test so we decided to have another test a week after. And that was when I saw two lines on the test. I was dumbfounded that very moment. Thoughts such as how will my family react, can I really handle this, are we (Yomi and I) really ready for a little munchkin, will I be able to finish my degree on time, and a whole more. But as I told Yomi that the result was positive, a saw a huge smile on his face. A genuine smile. I know he really wanted to have his child long before we met and it was really a good news for him. That is where I got the strength to continue with this journey. I know he’s got my back with this. So to be very sure with the result, we went to a maternity clinic and got a confirmation of my pregnancy. And to our surprise, I was 8 weeks or 2 months then!

(3rd month)
And so as every preggy mom says “Struggle is real.” MOrning sickness was my nemesis during this period. I really had a hard time dealing with waking up feeling very nauseous. I lost my appetite. I had severe headaches that really made me cry. I have been reading blogs about pregnancy and it seems like I am having a not so smooth one. I am still not able to confide to my father, or to anyone else, even with my closest friends. I was really afraid of how will they react, specially with my parents. I was working on a nightshift post during this period and there was not a day I did not visit the clinic to rest for I can no longer endure the stress. Until Yomi and I decided to have my pre-natal check up and asked if she can advise me to leave from work until I surpass the first trimester. It is also the month of my graduation and I was really exhausted from work and school during these times. My tummy was starting to have a bump and I am really having a hard time trying to cover it so no one would see. There are times that I wished my father would just ask me about it so I don’t have to do such things but I really don’t have the courage that time. There are also medicines that I have to take but I also need to be cautious so my father will not see these medicines and ask about it. And as part of their graduation gift for me, they decided to take a trip to “Kamay ni Hesus”. I could not say no for they might have a hint of my pregnancy, so even if it was really exhausting, I still joined the trip. But I was a bit distant and was really timid all throughout the trip. I was thinking a lot of things and unconsciously talking to my little munchkin to hold on and we’ll surely get through this soon.

I really cannot imagine how will I be able to surpass all of these. But you will see as I we continue with my journey on my next blog post. One thing I really learned during these times was to never lose hope and always keep the faith. And always look on the positive side of everything.

‘Til my next blog! 🙂