Preggy diaries; lessons learned.

I am currently 37 weeks with my little munchkin and I am feeling that the big day is just around the corner! Too much feels as all moms say when you have reached this point.

Well for me, I am really EXCITED because finally I am going to see that tiny creature that’s been inside me, moving and kicking and not to mention ALWAYS HUNGRY (mommies out there, you sure know how it feels. haha). SCARED of the things that might happen during the delivery, the “beyond-words-can-say-pain” that I might experience, and of course the things unknown yet since I am a first time mom.

Good thing I have a lot of “mommy friends”  whom I can ask anytime. Upon them knowing that I am going to be a mom soon, they shared a lot of things they have learned with their experiences. Like the do’s and don’t’s when your preggy, even the things you have to buy or the must have’s. Aside from my friends, of course my family is always there. Specially my mom who is very excited (but doesn’t want to be called “lola”) by her first granddaughter with me. I think it’s also a good thing that since I am the eldest in our family, I have witnessed before how my mom prepared for her big day with my other siblings. And most of all, I have Yomi with me who is very optimistic and understanding. He never gets tired of hearing all of my endless worries, and even everyday rants. And would always cheer me up and share positive vibes with me. (when you are preggy, you’ll really have crazy hormones)

So for this post, I’d like to share some of the things I personally learned during my journey with our little munchkin.

1. NEVER miss any pre-natal check up with your OB.
I am very much guilty with this. because I have skipped some months of my pre-natal check up with my OB. Good thing my little munchkin is strong and healthy. But as I was nearing my due date, I made it a point to make time for my check up so I will be more than ready and prepared for the big day.

Supposedly, a preggy mom should see her OB every month. So that the mommy and the daddy as well will be able to know everything their baby needs. All the vaccines a mom should have, food that the mommy should eat and what to avoid as well. Also to know if there’s something wrong with the baby, which of course we all don’t want to happen. But don’t worry OB’s are there to help us take care of our baby.

2. Doing your own research about pregnancy will really help you!
As they say, your preggy journey and experiences can differ with others. Some will have a very easy and smooth journey, but for some it can be a little complicated, just like mine.

I remember one time I had my check up during my first trimester with my OB and she told me that I might have a “threatened abortion”. Upon hearing it from her, Yomi and I were frightened and was near to tears. She gave us a list of what to do, all the medications I need to take and even advised me to be on leave for work for a month. Without any hesitation, we did those things and prayed a lot for an improvement for my next check up.

A lot of things were running in my head during those times so I decided to read a lot of articles online, looking for answers to some of my questions. And surprisingly I gained knowledge from doing my own research but of course I still needed to consult my OB before doing such things.

3. Learn to accept changes.
Acceptance, I guess is the most important thing I have learned throughout this journey and when I say changes, that includes your lifestyle, hobbies and interests and even your physique.

You may no longer go to different events as often as before because you cannot get tired so much and believe you may not be able stay up too late because you will literally feel sleepy all the time. Remember that the baby also feels whatever you are feeling. You may not also be able to eat and drink whatever you want since you have to consider taking a healthy meal so you can have the needed nutrients for you to share with your baby. (gave up coffee for my little munchkin, sigh) And time will come that instead of wearing your favorite heels matched with your ever classy dress, you’d rather wear flats and comfy clothes. Might be because of your growing belly and as your baby grows, they become heavy that you cannot really stand for too long. You may also be alarmed with some physical changes in you. Arms can get bigger, you can also have a cute round face, growing cheeks, your skin may dry often, and gosh the STRETCH MARKS! (it’s what I hate the most)

It’s really sad at first and you might also have insecurities because of these but just learn to accept these changes, anyway these will not last forever! You still have the chance to regain whatever was lost after your pregnancy. It may take sometime but you’ll get through it.

And feel blessed to experience such changes which you can consider a miracle because together with these, is a gift of life (your baby). So never be ashamed of your weight gain, crazy changes in your hormones stretch marks, acnes and or dry skin, spots that gets darker (might be around the neck or underarms) and a whole lot more. There are really a lot of things to deal with when you are pregnant, so be proud that you are overcoming these, little by little.
There you go, few of the very many things I have learned with my pregnancy. I would like to share as well my “preggy diaries” or my month by month experience with my little munchkin for my next post. Thank you for reading, you may also comment or share your own preggo experience so we can all learn!

Cheers to all the moms out there and hooray as well for us, first-time and soon to be super mommies!



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