As I start anew…

Hooray! I was able to retrieve my account here on WordPress. A perfect way to begin and finally organize my posts. I used to have an account on Tumblr where I post anything that runs in my head, may it be a happy or sad thought. Right now, I’m thinking of creating a more organized blog and as much as possible would like to share positive vibes. So, it is really a good thing to be back so I can finally start anew.

In this blog, I would like to share all the life lessons I know (most were learned the hard way. haha), positive thoughts, and would like to make this blog my diary as I enter a new chapter in my life (specifically to us women)…


Yehey! I’m actually thinking of creating “mommy diaries”.

Before finally deciding to start blogging again, I was really having second thoughts. As we all know, time is really precious. I’m scared that I may not be able to find time to update my blog every now and then, or be creative enough to catch readers, specially when my little munchkin is already here.

Blogging, for me before was only a way to breathe. But as I get to read different blogs, mostly from friends and celebrites and known writers, I came up to an endeavor to inspire people. It has always been my goal to help others not only by deeds but also by simply listening to them and sharing my thoughts. Modesty aside, you can ask my friends that it’s I, who listen to their endless rants and stories about anything under the sun and they can expect that I am not going to judge them but will simply try to enlighten them and little by little bring out the positivity in them.

So, hopefully I can continue with what I have started.

Let’s help each other! 🙂

I will be using either English or Tagalog for my posts.
*proud FILIPINA here!



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